Punjabi Palace Bus Crash

Karolina was on the bus when it hit Punjabi Palace. She had noticed the bus driver when she had got on, because he’d tapped the Go card machine closest to him and said, “Gotta touch on here, love,” and then when she’d moved towards it he had leaned over the gate that coralled him into the driver’s seat and said, “You look like a little pixie,” and winked, and she had recoiled because he’d smelled strongly of Bundaberg Rum & Coke, a smell she was familiar with from her time spent packing bananas in Far North Queensland.
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I H8 UR DIK: Hair

There are a lot of ways to Smash the Patriarchy and one of them is to cut your own hair.

Think about it: doing your hair yourself is another way to sever your ties to an industry that is part of the vast conspiracy to take away women’s agency and control how they look through the conferring of “expert” status on random people with no real qualifications, in this case dudes with scissors. You notice how all the Hair Stylists to the Stars are men? What the heck man! And haircuts remain a service with staggeringly different prices for men and women. James Butler can get a short back & sides for $25 but my hair–a very similar style!–costs $60+? Nuh uh! Cutting your own hair is cheap AND subversive. Also it is fun.

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