Life Modelling

I am a writer. But that doesn’t make me much money just yet, so I’m also a nude model. I’ll give you the picture so you can see where I’m coming from. I’m 5’2”. I’m a size 10-12. I’m curvy. (And I’ve always liked having curves.) I have tiny, tiny hands and feet, disproportionally so. I like them too. I’ve had two kids, so nudity in front of strangers isn’t all that daunting. I also have a saggy tummy because – no one will tell you this – your body will never be the same, it will never be as sexy as it was, at least not to you.

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Tattoo Therapy

I started calling getting tattooed “tattoo therapy” as a joke. I do this. I claim “kitten therapy”, “music festival therapy”, “camping therapy”. But for me, tattooing goes beyond a mere joke about something I like to do. Tattooing is something very large, very meaningful, and very good.

The way I feel after being tattooed, the way I feel right now, my skin still tender from the needle, the smell of ink and Vaseline still clinging to me, is beyond compare.

This feeling is not simply the endorphins and the excitement. It is a profound joy and pride at the deliberate act of taking control of my body, of changing it on my own terms. Tattooing my body is hurting it, yes, but in a way which transforms it and improves it and says THIS IS MINE ONLY MINE.

I am taking back my authority over my body.

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