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is it weird that i’m suddenly invested in your love life?

Lily Mei (@LilyMeizing) is a law and writing student at UTS. She also edits the UTS mag Vertigo.

Mike Day (@mikedayawake) is a writing/lit student at UQ. You can find his stories on Scum and Stilts.

Mike and Lily met over the internet in February. They wrote this piece together (l:Lily, m:Mike) and compiled their thoughts over a few early morning Skype calls.

lily and mike met on twitter. lily lives in sydney. she met her current boyfriend on tinder. mike lives in brisbane and thinks tinder is dumb. he met his first girlfriend on myspace in 2006. he is currently single. lily never had a myspace. she often tells people she met her boyfriend at wholefoods. she doesn’t realise wholefoods hasn’t made it to australia yet.

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Crazy Town Part II: Fighting Anxiety

Anxiety and I have been together for as long as I can remember. During primary school, there were periods of weeks where I would be too panic-ridden to engage with any of the other kids during lunch breaks. I would read, draw, or sit with a group of kids I knew wouldn’t talk to me because they weren’t sure if my name was Michael or Daniel. The first time I saw a psychologist about the anxiety was in 2011, when I was suffering from depression as well and couldn’t handle my life as an art school stoner. I still fight with anxiety on a pretty regular basis. The only difference is now I have some strategies – some explained by a therapist, and others self-developed. Below are six autobiographical scenarios, and my dos and don’ts.
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Crazy Town: Year One

It’s mid-March 2012 and I’m sitting in a waiting room and I have the shakes so I’m squeezing my hands between my knees. My parents are sitting on either side of me; I’ve been back at their house for about a week after a few months living alone in a two-bedroom apartment in St Lucia. I’m underweight, my skin looks like crap and I have those horrible yellow-brown blotches on the fingers of my right hand from rolling cigarettes. Continue reading