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Christopher Hocking’s Guide To Writing Guide

Hello everybody! C. Hocking here, newest starlet in the writing game.

I’ve been checking out your stuff online and in the print and first off, great job! You’re doing pretty good! Not much talent but a lot of good raw ideas and textures in your work. But also if you’re ever going to make it in this industry (and it is a damn hard industry, oh my godddd ha ah in this sunburnt laaaaaand) then here are a few pointers that I have compiled in my own personal roller coaster ride to the stars.

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Letter To The Producers Of Patricia Arquette’s Medium

Dear Producers of Patricia Arquette’s Medium,

I’m not sure whether Patricia Arquette’s Medium is still in production or not, but either way I thought I would shoot some ideas your way RE the next season. If you were having a creative “dry spell”—pun intended!—then these might help you get the crystal ball rolling (LOL!)

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